Our Practice

At the Cowan Law Firm, we pride ourselves on being available for all of our clients’ needs and for providing advice and litigation support in a cost-effective manner. The attorneys at the Cowan Law Firm have extensive experience in the courtroom and at all levels of litigation, which gives our clients a distinct advantage in both negotiations and trial. We take a straightforward approach when dealing with issues and concerns facing our clients and, in doing so, provide our clients with the finest quality of legal services in an aggressive, practical and efficient manner. The Cowan Law Firm provides innovative options as well as sound, reliable and thorough advice to our clients based in great part on the trial experience of our attorneys in a wide array of litigation matters. The Cowan Law Firm’s assets enable us to provide responses to legal issues with an aim toward helping our clients achieve the best possible outcome. Client focus, integrity, efficiency, and responsiveness – these are the Cowan Law Firm’s primary objectives. We provide professional services of superior value that exceed our clients’ expectations.

To realize that goal, we are committed to keeping a competitive edge in the litigation arena  –  understanding our clients’ needs  –  developing creative and effective solutions  –  working hard for the success of our clients and the firm  –  attracting, developing, and retaining exceptional and diverse professionals  –  and serving the legal community and the public.

To facilitate our clients’ trial and litigation needs in Texas, we are affiliated with Horne, Rota & Moos in Houston.

Simply stated, our goal is to provide our clients with a system of innovative legal solutions, excellent legal representation and a dedication to quality customer service.


Practice Areas

Automobile Liability
Construction Law
Healthcare Law
Medical Malpractice
Product Liability
Professional Liability
Personal and Commercial Property and Casualty Litigation